DSP Signal Processor CR48D

CR48D model

Key Features

Analogue Inputs 4 Electronically balanced 8 Analogue Outputs
Input processing Soft Knee Compressor
6 PEQs
24dB/oct HPF
2 bands of Dynamic EQ (48 KHz mode)
Gain, Polarity, Delay
Routing Matrix Modes Mix Matrix, Routing Matrix,
Preset configurations (2X4, X2,1X8, 2X3+2)
Output processing 8 PEQs
Crossover filters up to 24dB/Oct
(96KHz mode) 48dB/Oct (48KHz mode)
2 bands of Dynamic EQ (48KHz mode),
Gain,Polarity, Delay, Limiter
Remote Control 100 Mbps Ethernet, USB Type B
30 presets may be stored for offline recall

Technical Specifications

Analogue Inputs 4 Electronically balanced
CMRR >60 dB @ 1KHz
Maximum Level >20 dBu
Input Impedance 10 KΩ
Analogue Outputs 8 Electronically balanced
Maximum Level >20 dBu
Source Impedance <60 Ω
Frequency Response (20Hz to 20 KHz) +/-0.4 dB
Dynamic Range >110 dB unweighted (in to out analogue)
THD+N (+10 dB @ 1 KHz) 0,007%
Latency 1.793 ms (in to out analogue 96 KHz)
Power 90-250 VAC, 50-60 Hz, < 40 W
Dimensions 44 X 213 X 482 mm (1.75X8.4X19 inches) HXDXW
Weight 2.3 Kg Net, 3.0Kg Shipping


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